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What does Authenticatr do?

Authenticatr provides the ability to secure a network or web/desktop application with two-factor authentication based on the industry standard TOTP protocol. This enhances security by requiring users to enter a unique code which changes every 30 seconds either instead of or in addition to their usual password.

Installing Authenticatr

For full details on installing and running Authenticatr download the Authenticatr User Guide (PDF format). A copy of the User Guide is also included as part of the free download.

Authenticatr installs as a Windows Service set to run automatically on startup. For this reason we recommend installing Authenticatr onto a server which is constantly running in order to provide 24/7 protection. Once installed third-party applications or devices can then be configured to use Authenticatr as their source of authentication information, either using the standard RADIUS protocol or using the custom Web API built into Authenticatr.

Purchasing Authenticatr

Authenticatr is free to use for a single user, with no time limits. However should you wish to add more than one user to Authenticatr then you will need to purchase additional licenses. You will not be able to add more users to Authenticatr than the number of purchased licenses.

Licenses can be purchased from our website at any time. License information is provided in the form of a XML keycode which must be placed in the same folder as the Authenticatr software, or can be updated via the Authenticatr management interface.

I need more licenses!

No problem, simply contact us with your existing license information and we'll provide you with a quote to add further licenses. We offer discounts based on the number of licenses being purchased and we'll take into account the number of existing licenses you hold.

What clients can be used to generate authentication tokens?

Authenticatr is an authentication server and, as such, you will either need client software to generate the TOTP numbers or you will need hardware devices.

Since Authenticatr is based on the industry-standard TOTP protocol you can use any compatible client software or tokens. We have listed popular free products below for a range of common operating systems and platforms:

NB. If you already use an authentication app for other online services such as Amazon, DropBox, GitHub or Google Apps then it is likely you will be able to re-use the same app to generate TOTP tokens for Authenticatr

As for hardware tokens, any token that supports the TOTP standard should be compatible. The following tokens are known to work with Authenticatr:

  • Feitian c200 tokens (NB. If ordered direct from Feitian you must specify a 30 second refresh time)

Authenticatr supports token import using seed files in PSKC format as well as the entry of secret keys as either Base32 or Hex formatted strings.

What network devices or VPN servers work with Authenticatr?

Any network device or other piece of hardware that supports the RADIUS protocol for authentication will work with Authenticatr. Authenticatr has been tested against:

  • Cisco PIX and ASA firewalls
  • Juniper Netscaler SSG firewalls
  • Watchguard XTM firewalls
  • OpenVPN Server

Authenticatr can be configured to work with RADIUS devices on either port 1645 or port 1812. Please check the user manual for your firewall or network device if you are not sure which port to use.

Can I migrate from an existing two-factor authentication solution?

Yes! Authenticatr has been specifically designed to make it easy to migrate from an existing two-factor authentication solution (or any other form of backend authentication based on RADIUS). Full details can be found in the Authenticatr User Guide, but the basic process is as follows:

  1. Install Authenticatr and configure RADIUS pass-through in the advanced settings with the details of your existing RADIUS-based authentication solution
  2. Change the configuration on your firewall or VPN server to point to the Authenticatr server instead of the existing solution. At this point Authenticatr will silently proxy existing authentication requests to your existing solution.
  3. Add new users to Authenticatr. As each user is added, Authenticatr will automatically take over the handling of authentication requests for that user, but authentication requests for other users will continue to be proxied to the existing solution
  4. Once all users have been configured in Authenticatr disable pass-through and decommission the legacy authentication solution at your leisure

I'd like to suggest a new feature. How can I do that?

and we'll do our best to fulfil your wishes. Acting on requests from users we have already implemented a number of features including:

  • Support for Feitian c200 hardware tokens
  • Ability to import and export token data in PSKC format

Further reading

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