Screenshot of the Authenticatr admin interface

Simple Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your Windows network with two-factor authentication based on the industry-standard TOTP (Google Authenticator) system.

Secure your network quickly and easily

Add two-factor support in seconds to your VPN, or to custom web and desktop applications, using the industry-standard TOTP protocol

What can Authenticatr do?

Authenticatr adds two-factor authentication support to a network, securing access, enhancing security and aiding PCI-DSS compliance.

Ideal for securing remote access VPNs or adding two-factor authentication to existing web or desktop applications.

Specifically designed to be quick and easy to install and use for SMEs operating Windows-based networks, or those wishing to replace legacy systems such as Cryptocard

Summary of features

Authenticatr has a number of features, including:

  • Supports all RADIUS-compatible firewalls and VPN concentrators
  • Built-in API can extend two-factor security to other web or desktop apps
  • Installs in seconds, lightweight footprint can run on any Windows server
  • Use of industry-standard TOTP protocol supports a wide variety of client applications on all mobile and desktop platforms

See Authenticatr in action: